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Incorporation Package Fee: $ 150.00 + State Fees

The Incorporation Package includes your basic formation service. You can combine your order with a number of the other products and services.

  • Name availability search.
  • Preparation and filing of Articles of Incorporation for a corporation or preparation and filing of Articles of Organization for a limited liability company.
  • Preparation of a generic operating agreement.
  • Filing of required documents with the appropriate state agency.

Corporate Kit: $ 94.00

  • Customized stock certificates imprinted with corporate name, authorized issue of the corporation and other pertinent information.
  • Stock transfer ledger.
  • Printed minutes and bylaws or plain minute paper (bylaws and minutes are also available on diskette for an additional charge).
  • Corporate Seal.
  • Special Forms including Federal Forms, IRS requirements for sub chapter S election, Medical and Dental reimbursement plan, Section 1244 information, and suggested meeting forms.
  • Binder imprinted with name of organization.
  • Matching slip case.

Corporate Embossing Seal: $ 54.00

The embossing seal allows you to place a custom seal on any official documents. Most financial institutions require an embossing seal along with a taxpayer identification number to open a business account.

IRS SS-4 Form or IRS Form 2553 Completion: $ 50.00

We will complete and process a Form SS-4 with the appropriate division of the Internal Revenue Service necessary to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number. All corporations and limited liability companies and partnerships are required to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number as the organization formed is a separate entity. An individual’s Social Security Number will not substitute for this. Form 2553 is required for any entity electing the S Corporation status.

Certificate of Standing: $ 100.00 + Any Applicable State Fees

We will complete and process the necessary paperwork with the appropriate state agency to obtain a Certificate of Standing for your corporation or limited liability company. Time frames vary from to state to state. Some states also offer expedited service. If the company in question is not in good standing, Speedy will provide verification, in the form of a state data base printout, in lieu of a Certificate of Good Standing.

Change of Registered Agent: $ 125.00 + Any Applicable State Fees

We will complete all necessary documents which are required to change the registered agent for your corporation or limited liability company. Not all states issue certificates or documentation of the change. In such cases, Speedy will provide verification in the form of a state data base printout. Fill out the simple order form and we will process the documents within 24 hours.