Steps to Forming a Colorado Corporation

Information We Need From You to Start Your Corporation

1: Select a Name: Your company must contain one of the following terms or abbreviations: Corporation, Incorporated, Company, Limited, Corp., Inc., Co., or Ltd.

2: Authorize Shares: Owners of a corporation are known as shareholders because they own shares of stock in the company. In Colorado, you are required to identify the number of authorized shares of stock and the class of stock. Typically, you would authorize a small number of shares (maybe 100) of common stock, and then you would issue 51% of the shares to yourself at the first shareholders meeting. The remaining 49% can be held and issued later, perhaps to future business partners.

3: Choose Management: Corporations are managed by Directors, who make the major policy decisions, issue stock, appoint corporate officers (President, Treasurer, Secretary), set salaries and bonuses, etc. In most cases, you will appoint yourself Director and take on the various corporate officer roles.

4: Remaining Info Needed to File:

  • Principal office: the address of your business office in Colorado, the place where you keep your company records and corporate books.

  • Registered Agent: all legal registered agents in Colorado must have a physical street address for accepting service of process. This is called a registered office. Speedy filings come with one free year of Colorado registered agent service by Northwest Registered Agent. This service keeps your private home and office addresses off public records for the registered agent, mailing and principal office requirements.

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Steps to Forming a Colorado LLC

Information We Need From You to Start Your LLC

1: Select a Name: The name of your company must include one of the following terms or abbreviations: Limited Liability Company, Ltd. Liability Company, Limited Liability Co., Ltd. Liability Co., Limited, L.L.C., LLC, or Ltd. To see if your company name is available, you can perform a Colorado business name search.

2: Membership: An LLC is owned by its members. LLCs do not issue stock like a corporation. Instead, members are simply assigned an ownership percentage. The percentage is usually, though not always, based upon the amount each member has contributed to the company.

3: Choose Management: It is standard practice for the members to manage the LLC themselves. Unlike a corporation, there is no need to appoint directors and officers. Members can choose, however, to appoint a single manager to run the company. This manager can be a member or an outside party.

4: Remaining Info Needed to File:

  • Principal address: the business office location where you keep your company records and financial books.

  • Registered Agent: legal registered agents must have a physical street address within the state of Colorado, which is known as a registered office. A registered office cannot be a PO box. Speedy filings include one free year of Colorado registered agent service. This keeps your home and office address out of public records and fulfills the mailing, principal and registered office requirements.

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