Steps to Forming a Nebraska Corporation

Information We Need From You to Start Your Corporation

1: Select a Name: Your company name must include the word Corporation, Incorporated, Company or Limited (or the abbreviation Corp., Inc., Co., or Ltd.).

2: Authorize Shares: A corporation’s owners are known as shareholders because they own shares of stock in the company. Nebraska requires you to designate the number of shares of initial stock you are authorizing. Generally, a corporation authorizes a small, easily divisible number of shares, say 100. At the first shareholders meeting, you would typically issue 51% of those shares to yourself, giving you control of the company. Nebraska also asks for a stock par value. The par value is not the actual value of the stock, but instead the lowest price at which the stock can be sold.

3: Choose Management: Corporations are managed by Directors. The Directors set major company policy, appoint the corporate officers, issue stock, and determine salaries and bonuses. In most cases, you’ll simply appoint yourself the Director and take on the various roles of the corporate officers (President, Treasurer, Secretary).

4: Remaining Info Needed to File:

  • Principal address: the street address of the business office where your corporate records and financial books are kept.

  • Registered Agent: legal registered agents in Nebraska maintain a physical street address within the state. This is called a registered office (no PO boxes). Our Speedy filings come with one free year of Nebraska registered agent service by Northwest Registered Agent. This service keeps your personal home and office addresses out of the public record and fulfills the registered agent, mailing and principal office requirements.

  • Directors: the names and addresses of your corporate directors.

  • Purpose: the lawful business your corporation will pursue.

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Steps to Forming a Nebraska LLC

Information We Need From You to Start Your LLC

1: Select a Name: Your company name must contain the words Limited Liability Company, Limited Company, or the abbreviation L.L.C., LLC, L.C., or LC. The word “Limited” may be abbreviated as “Ltd.” The word “Company” may be abbreviated as “Co.” If you want to see if your company name is currently available, you can do a Nebraska business name search.

2: Membership: LLCs are owned by their members. Unlike corporations, LLC members are not issued shares of stock. Instead, they receive an ownership percentage. The percentage is usually in proportion to each member’s investment in the company.

3: Choose Management: Typically, an LLC will be managed by its members. Members set company policy and take part in the daily operations. In some situations, members may choose to appoint a manager to run the business. Managers can be members, or they can be outside parties.

4: Remaining Info Needed to File:

  • Management: whether your LLC is managed by its members or by a manager.

  • Registered Agent: lawful registered agents are required to have a physical street address in the state. This is known as a designated office, and it cannot be a PO box. All of our Speedy filings come with one free year of Nebraska registered agent service. This service keeps your private home and office addresses off the public record and fulfills your registered agent, mailing and designated address requirements.

  • Purpose: the lawful business your LLC intends to pursue.

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