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How a Business is Taxed

by admin on August 16, 2012

in Administrative

The way your business is taxed is dependent on the type of  entity you have. By entity I am referring to your business structure, be it a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or limited liability company.  We are only going to be covering basic fundamentals here and it is by no means meant to be a […]

naming a business

One of the most enjoyable tasks involved with forming a corporation or limited liability company is the selection of a name. Some people let their vanity run amok and insist on getting their name in the company name. There are many companies with names such as “Jones and Son Inc.” or “Bob Jones Limited Liability […]

Google Analytics pulled a fast one on website owners this year. They removed the very helpful option of exporting reports as a PDF. In the previous version, when you clicked Export in the upper-left corner of the screen you saw this: But now you see this: The benefit of PDF exports is your reports come […]

Youtube, it’s sort of a big deal. It’s only the 3rd most visited website in the world. There’s more than 35 hours of video uploaded per minute. The site serves up 3 billion video views per day! More and more businesses are taking advantage of Youtube’s existence and why not you used to have to […]

If you’re not familiar with Groupon yet you’ve likely been living under a rock. Or maybe you simply aren’t into football or the internet. Between their Superbowl commercial fiasco and their sprint to an estimated $25 billion valuation, Groupon has been making waves, headlines and loads of cash. So for those of you who aren’t […]

Everyone has to admit that we live in a sue-happy society. It seems anytime some type of incident happens in someone’s place of business, on someone’s rental property or maybe a product someone purchased online did not function as advertised causing the buyer undue stress or to injure themselves, a lawsuit is hatched. We’ve all […]


Speedy Incorporation and LLC is proud to announce our new website redesign and small business blog launch! While we’re still offering the same great business formation services we’ve been offering since 2004, we’ve decided to take it a step further by helping new business owners navigate their way through the ins and outs of owning […]